Becoming Independent

If you are a parent-carer or a young person (aged 14+) with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan, you can find information below about Housing and Independence options.

As you or your young person approaches adulthood it will be important to think about how they may learn to master the skills they need as an adult and how they want to live as an adult. 

Becoming as independent as possible will help your young person to lead a full and active life as an adult. 

We want to support your young person to identify the things that are important to them when thinking about their independence. 

Things that support independence include: 

  • Travel and transport and having a bus pass 
  • Money 
  • Staying away from home 
  • Where they want to live in the short term and the long term 
  • Who they want to live with 
  • What good support will look like to them 
  • Begin to identify what other services might need to support them 


Once we have identified the things that are important to your young person we can support them to identify the support they need to achieve their goals. This can be used to inform their Education, Health and Care plan from year 9.


Sources of information and support to assist independent living

There are a number of sources of support to assist independent living, including:

Independent Travel Training Guide for Schools, Parents and Young People

Disabled Person’s Railcard

Personal Independent Payment (PIP)

Staying away from home (Short Breaks)


Thinking about Future Housing

At year 9 your young person may not have thought about where they want to live as an adult, through the preparing for adulthood reviews we will begin to explore what their future housing needs may be. 

For young people with complex needs it is especially important that we identify specific housing needs early and begin planning at the earliest possible stages.

There are a number of housing options and support for young people with SEND:  


Information, Advice and Support 

If you require further advice please visit our information, advice and support section.