If you are a parent-carer or a young person (aged 14+) with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan, please see below for information about Preparing for Adulthood in Bath and North East Somerset.

What do we mean by Preparing for Adulthood?

Starting to think about becoming an adult raises all kinds of questions for young people and their families. Special Educational Needs and Disability legislation supports young people with SEND to move into adulthood with fulfilling lives. It focuses on young people aged 14 to 25. 

This means that at Year 9 you and your young person should start thinking about what plans you want to put in place for the future. 

There are four Preparing for Adulthood life pathways that are based on what young people with SEND say are important to them. They are:


Employment, Education and Training


Independence and Housing

Friendships, Relationships and Community

Please click on one of the links above for more information on each pathway.


Preparing for Adulthood from Year 9 onwards

The above four pathways should form part of Education, Health and Care (EHC) planning from year 9 onwards when preparing for adulthood reviews start as part of your child’s annual review of their EHC plan.

Your young person will be asked to complete (with support where necessary) a document called My Future My Choice (see documents) in which they can record their views and wishes stating, what is important to them, what plans they have, what good support looks like from their point of view, what’s currently working well for them and what’s not working so well.


One Page Profiles and Annual Reviews

Information from My Future My Choice can then be used to up-date a One Page Profile (see documents) that is specific to their preparation for adulthood and based around the four life outcomes.  

This can then be used in the young person’s Annual Review to inform future planning and will be embedded in the Education, Health and Care Plan. 

Your young person’s annual review should be person centred -that means they should be included in the discussion and planning. It should focus on their aspirations for the future and result in clear outcomes and plans that will support your young person around the four pathways for the future 

There are lots of new things to consider when supporting a young person to prepare for adult life. Please visit the pathways for more information.

Information, Advice and Support 

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